More Than 100 MOV Residents to Lose Jobs

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More than a hundred Mid-Ohio Valley Residents will lose their jobs when a call center in Reno closes.

Influent is a business solutions company with call centers around the world.

In two months, it's Reno branch will be consolidated into Influent's other Ohio centers.

135 people currently work there.

"A hundred and thirty five jobs in our area is a great impact because we lose the ability of those people putting money into the economy we lose sales tax we lose income tax because the money is just not there for them," explained Kathy Lott-Gramkow, Director of Employment and Training for Washington-Morgan Community Action.

Lott-Gramkow's organization will meet with Influent next week to develop a plan to help the soon to be laid off workers move into new jobs elsewhere.

They will get help on their resumes, learn interview skills and potentially receive training for new jobs if necessary.

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