Mosquito Disease Prevention

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We are used to seeing lots of bugs in the summer, but with the wet and rainy conditions, we may see more of one particular kind, and it comes with a nasty bite.

Mosquitoes are a very common summer bug, but they may pack a much stronger sting during these next few months.

With the wet conditions being almost perfect for mosquito breeding, there comes a fear of not only more bites, but also diseases.

According to the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, there were eight cases of the West Nile Virus and LaCrosse Encephalitis reported in West Virginia in 2010.

Almost every state in the country also found birds that were positive for the West Nile Virus.

Patrick Burke from the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department explains the importance of taking preventative measures, "Diseases sort of peak around the summer months when mosquitoes become more active, so this time of year we like to put a focus on prevention and the main preventative step that people can take is prevention of mosquito bites."

Some ways that you can eliminate mosquito breeding habitats around your home are cleaning out clogged gutters, drilling holes in the bottoms of trash cans and recycling bins to allow water to drain, and wearing long, loose, and light colored clothing when outside.

You should also use mosquito repellent anytime you are outdoors, especially during the day.

For a full list of mosquito disease preventative measures, you can go to the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department website at

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