Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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Tis the season to enjoy the open road.

And that means more motorcycles sharing the highways with you.

Officers are asking motorists to be very cautious while driving around them.

it's all part of the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May.

Officers from the Wood County Sheriff's Office wants drivers to take it easy when approaching people on motorcycles.

With a high volume of motorcycles out on the roadways during the spring, drivers and those on the two-wheel vehicles are reminded to remain sober and stay alert while driving at all times.

From 2010 to 2012, 50 percent of the fatal motorcycle crashes involved an impaired motorcyclist.

"The general public, they've got used to not seeing motorcycles over the winter time and we're just trying to make everybody aware that they're coming back out and be a little bit more aware so they can drive safely around them," says Wood County Sheriff's Office Deputy, Mike Deem.

Officers suggest giving motorcycles a full lane of travel, leaving lots of space between your vehicle and the motorcycle, and keeping an eye out, in general, on the roadways.

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