Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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In 2011, there were nearly 170 motorcycle related fatalities in Ohio alone.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and both riders and drivers are asked to share the road.

Temperatures are rising and that means more motorcyclist getting out to ride the wind.

"You know, you're out in the elements, when you're in a car you're in a cage kind of but you get on a bike and you just feel the air, the wind, all the smells, it's nice," says licensed motorcyclist, Will Beebe.

But this month authorities are reminding riders to take the proper precautions when getting back on the bike.

"Our experience, about 80 percent of motorcycle accidents as we investigate them involve injury or death," explains Ohio State Trooper, Marietta Post, Srgt. Matt Boyd.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says it's just about being prepared and alert.

"I definitely think being a defensive rider helps, like I said you can't rely on other people to see you, I've had several times when people will pull out on brick roads like this right in front of you, looking right at you like they don't even see you, so you definitely have to be aware of your surroundings," says Beebe.

Being aware means not riding in blind spots and being cautious when passing another vehicle.

Both Ohio and West Virginia require protective eye wear, but while a helmet is not required in Ohio, Troopers highly recommend it and protective clothing.

"Often times motorcycle accidents are one vehicle accidents where they go down on a curve or making a turn and protective clothing can protect them from, if nothing else, road rash, burns," explains Srgt. Boyd.

It's because motorcycles don't offer the same safety as other vehicles.

It's not just about being alert when on the road, maintaining a motorcycle requires much more attention.

Troopers do encourage every driver to look for motorcycles before changing lanes or merging with traffic.

West Virginia does require motorcyclist to wear a helmet, but Ohio does not.

Both require protective eye wear.

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