Mountwood Lakehouse Now Open For Tourists

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Updated: 5/7/2015 6:45 P.M.

A new look-and function-for an old building on the Mountwood Park grounds.

The Mountwood Lakehouse has been converted into small, cabin-type rooms.

They're a bit larger than motel rooms, but have a lot more-including a kitchen and enclosed bedroom.

While the three rooms have already drawn interest from tourists across the country,

The intent is that they could be rented to Wood County residents.

"Wood Countians can come, stay, rent and have access to the lake, hiking, the bike trails, the horseback and ATV riding," says Board President Bob Buchanan, "and be very proud of saying it's in Wood County."

Long-time residents remember this building as the "beach house", from when Mountwood had a swimming beach more than 30 years ago.

Buchanan says the rooms are almost completely booked for June and July, although some are still available for this month.

We've heard a lot of bad economic news lately.

But here's some good news about an area attraction.

The health - particularly the financial health - of the 40-year old Mountwood Park has never been better.

And even this week, in the off-season, there were folks taking advantage of the spectacular weather.

In recent years, the park has been paying down its debt and bringing in more people.

Mountwood is known for its events, such as the recent Volcano Days, but a lot of those who come are there just to take in the great outdoors.

"We have everything from horseback riding, mountain biking, disc golf, we have fishing, the shooting range," says Jeremy Cross, Wood County Parks and Recreation Director. "We have a lot of activities to offer a lot of people in the Wood County area."

The recent Volcano Days festival pulled in another record crowd this year and there was also a good turnout for last weekend's Woof Fest.

And if you think only local people visit the park, Mountwood's Management says it's attracted out-of-state residents from as far away as Florida.

They say many people who discover it are folks who come here to visit family.

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