Mountwood Park To Get a New ATV Trail

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Mountwood Park will soon be the home of a new ATV trail.

A panel from the Wood County Parks and Recreation Commission and Mountwood Park's Governing Board were at the Judge Black Annex tonight hosting a public hearing on plans for building the trails.

Wood County homeowners expressed some of their concerns about the trails being built near their properties.

The ATV trail will be built on the northside of U.S. Route 50.

That's so it's kept away from unmotorized trails.

"Well we think that it will be important because right now there is no sanctioned riding areas in Wood County. So we have problems with ATVs riding all over the county on unused and unregulated areas. So this will be a semi-regulated area and provide a nice safe riding course for them," says John Reed of the Wood County Commission.

The trail will also have training courses for ATV riders under the age of 16.

It will consist of three trails for riders who are beginners, medium and experienced.

No word on when they'll be finished.

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