UPDATE: Man Sentenced for High-Speed Chase

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UPDATE 1/13/2015 5:00 PM

A home confinement sentence for a man who led authorities on a high-speed chase through Ohio and West Virginia.

Doug Morrison pleaded guilty last April to fleeing an officer while in a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Tuesday he got a three to ten year sentence.

That sentence is to be served in home confinement.

The chase began in Ohio in early June, 2013, going back and forth between Ohio and West Virginia at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour.

UPDATE: 6/2/2013 10:39 PM

Police say Doug Morrison, 50, led them across state lines in a high speed chase early Saturday night. It ended in a crash on Dupont Road.

"You know the important thing is to keep in mind where everybody is at and what everybody else is doing to keep everybody safe," says Washington County Deputy Eric Augenstein.

When authorities drive more than 100 miles per hour in a pursuit safety is difficult to control. It all comes down to being aware of your surroundings and working together.

"You really have to watch what you're doing. Safety is a big factor. We were playing off of each other going down the interstate you just have to keep an eye on where he's eye, the suspect's vehicle and watching further traffic in front of you," says Deputy Augenstein.

That's not always an easy task, especially if the suspect is driving down back roads or through heavy traffic.

But regardless the situation, it's important to stay one step ahead.

"You're thinking ahead. Well what happens if he does this, what happens if he goes here? You just kind of have to run things through your mind, role play a little bit, that way you can anticipate what he's going to do," says Deputy Augenstein.

There's no time to hesitate.

"We do what's necessary. We do what we have to do. If it requires we drive 100 mph then that's why we activate our lights and siren. Once he shows his intent, the fact that he's refusing to stop, I think the stop sticks were the safest tool we could have utilized," says Deputy Augenstein.

In Wood County, Doug Morrison is charged with fleeing DUI and violation of protection. He appeared in Magistrate Court Sunday morning and is out on $5,500 bond.

Charges in Washington County will be submitted Monday morning.

UPDATE: 6/1/2013 10:23 PM

It started with domestic problems in Washington County when the suspect fled. A multi-state, multi-agency car chase ends right in front of Dupont with the stolen truck crashed on the railroad tracks.

Ohio into West Virginia, back into Ohio and finally ending in West Virginia. The suspect led police on a chase all over the valley with speeds topping 100 miles per hour.

Police say it started off State Route 26 in Washington County. A woman called police saying her ex-husband was drunk and threatened her. He then took off in her car.

That man is Doug Morrison .

When police spotted the stolen red truck they started to pursue. Washington County Sheriff's deputies were going over 100 miles an hour trying to catch Morrison through Marietta city streets.

They say he drove on Interstate 77 into West Virginia and got off at the Emerson Avenue exit. West Virginia State Police, Parkersburg Police, and the Wood County Sheriff's Office took over when Morrison drove on Route 50.

Then he crossed back into Ohio, before making a U-turn in Belpre and heading back onto Route 50 into West Virginia. He got off at the Ravenswood exit. Police say he took back roads and ended up on Dupont road.

They used spike strips to slow down the car.

Morrison veered to the left side of the road, drove down a hill, and ended up crashing his car on the railroad tracks.

"They'll be charges possibly out of the domestic, definitely for theft of the motor vehicle, and also failure to comply with the order of a police officer by refusing to stop," says Washington County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Brian Rhodes.

He will be charged in both states. In total the chase lasted 40 minutes. He's being taken to the hospital for injuries, but he's expected to be okay.

CSX was called to stop any trains that may have been traveling through the area tonight. Police say there was no security breach at Dupont.

UPDATE: 6/1/2013 9:49 PM

Authorities says Doug Morrison is now alert and being taken to Camden Clark Medical Center.

Charges will include OVI, fleeing and eluding, and possibly domestic violence. The domestic disturbance is still under investigation.

CSX has inspected the railroad tracks where the crash happened. They say there is no problem with the track.

Dupont says there was no breach of security at their facility.

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UPDATE: 6/1/2013 9:22 PM

The driver in a high speed car chase across state lines has crashed and is unconscious.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says the ordeal started as a domestic disturbance.

Doug Morrison was scheduled to pick up some belongings from his ex-wife Gina's home on State Route 26. She says he showed up drunk and threatened her to the point where she feared for her life.

Gina went to a neighbor's house to call 911. Authorities say Morrison called a taxi, but then dismissed it when the cab came to pick him up. That's when Morrison broke into Gina's garage and stole her red Ford F-150 pick-up truck.

Gina called 911 and described her stolen truck, which officers identified on SR 26. When they pulled up behind Morrison, he sped off.

Multiple agencies pursued Morrison from Marietta into Parkersburg. He then crossed into Belpre, before making a U-turn back to West Virginia. Authorities continued the chase near Dupont, when Morrison crashed the truck on railroad tracks.

Sheriff Mincks says Morrison is unconscious and an ambulance is on the way.

WTAP has a reporter on scene. Stay tuned to our web channel and WTAP News at 11 for the latest.

Multiple law enforcement agencies from both Ohio and West Virginia are involved in a car chase at this hour.

Washington County dispatch says it started there before the car made it's way into West Virginia.

There's reports of the car traveling over 100 miles an hour.

The driver was seen on Route 50 crossing from West Virginia back into Ohio.

We'll continue to keep you posted as information becomes available.

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