UPDATE: Charges In Animal Cruelty Cases

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UPDATE: 6/24/2013

Two recent cases of animal abuse and neglect in Washington County
are bringing up questions of why punishments aren't harsher.

The people in these cases will be charged with animal cruelty. They'll face 90 days in jail and up to a 750 dollar fine. The charges are a second degree misdemeanor.

Washington County Deputy Kelly McGilton says it's the humane society that has to deal with treating for animals when owner's can't.

"A shelter or humane society can be easily overrun, as we did this past week because of the two cases. In the courts, it takes such a long time for the cases to go through, it can take up to eight months and we have to house these animals until the case is adjudicated, so that's very detrimental. "

She says there's a need for harsher punishments because some people don't take the current ones seriously. "There is a massive need for harsher penalties for animal cruelty just so it puts out a word to people that this is what happens when it goes on. People continue to do it. It's just a misdemeanor so a lot of people think it's not a big deal"


Two accounts of animal cruelty in Washington County brought in 26 animals from one home and six dogs from another.

The Marietta Humane Society is taking care of all the animals with clean cages, food and fresh water.

From Fearing Township, John Allen Jr., Teresa Luke and Ella Newlon face animal cruelty charges.

Washington County Sheriff's Office says the animals were living outside on top of feces with dirty water, infested with parasites and no food.

Deputies say the home was also infested with cockroaches.

In Reno, six dogs were found in the basement living in cages full of their own feces.

Deputy Kelly McGilton placed a search warrant on the house and she says charges will be filed against the owners of the residence, however they have not heard from them or seen them yet.

In these situations, McGilton says always feel free to call local authorities if you notice anything suspicious, just to be safe.

"I would like for people to be more aware, if they see anything...call and we will check it out, if it doesn't amount to anything, its okay, we at least checked. I feel more comfortable knowing it's not something like this," said Deputy Kelly McGilton, Washington County Sheriff's Department.

McGilton says the animals cannot be bought however, if you would like to foster an animal to contact the humane society. She says fostering would be great for these animals.
Two cases of horrible animal cruelty in Washington County.
They happened just days apart.

Washington County deputies served a warrant at a Fearing Township home Friday. Deputies found 26 animals, including dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and birds.

John Allen Jr., Teresa Luke and Ella Newlon are facing animal cruelty and failure to register charges. They will be summoned to court.

Deputy Kelly McGilton says the animals were living outside on top of feces with no food and dirty water. McGilton says some of the water appeared to have parasites living in it.

Deputies say there were cockroaches everywhere, including inside the home.

Deputies say there is believe to be a 14-year-old juvenile living in the home. Children's services has been contacted.
Also in Washington County, yesterday six dogs were found at a home in Reno.

Deputies say it's animal cruelty and abandonment. They say it appears the owners moved out and left the dogs.

The dogs were in cages inside the home with no water or food.
The house had no electricity or running water.

Deputy Kelly McGilton placed a search warrant on the house. They have two suspects however they have not heard or seen from them yet.

The dogs went to the humane society where they were cleaned up.

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