Multiple Threats In Two Days At Six Local Schools

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Schools remain on edge following last Fridays massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Now, a rash of perceived threats at local schools puts two more on lockdown again Tuesday.

Area authorities investigated at least four rumored threats, affecting six schools.

It started Monday, when Wirt County Schools were placed on lockdown following a bomb threat at the high school. All schools were cleared and classes resumed as normal.

In Parkersburg on Monday, The Parkersburg Police Department investigated an alleged threat for Parkersburg South High School. Police found there was no threat to the school and there would be no charges in the situation.

That alleged threat lead to a lock down at Belpre High School Tuesday morning. An official with Belpre City Schools says social media postings about the Parkersburg South threat allegedly mentioned Belpre High School, prompting the lockdown. Schools have since been cleared and students were sent back to class.

Sgt. Greg Collins with the Parkersburg Police Department says they are not aware of any connection between the threats.

In Pleasants County, the sheriff's department investigated a threat to the middle school. In a news release, the superintendent says there were reported allegations of a potential threat at Pleasants County Middle School which the board takes seriously. The school was not placed on lockdown.

In Athens County, two schools were evacuated this morning because of a bomb threat. Sheriff Pat Kelly says they received a bomb threat at Federal Hocking High School around 9:30 Tuesday morning. Both the high school and middle school were evacuated. The schools were searched and cleared.

Authorities don't take these threats lightly.

In Wood County, if someone makes a threat they could be charged with a minimum of "disturbance of schools, societies, and other assemblies". They could also be charged with a felony of "terroristic threats".

In Washington County, someone who makes a threat could be charged with aggravated menacing and inducing panic. At Washington State Community College, a man spent six months in jail for calling in a bomb threat there.

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