Mysterious Booms

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Different people across southeast Ohio report the same seemingly unexplainable activity to authorities.

Multiple eyewitness accounts of hearing a "boom" and feeling the ground rumble.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no evidence as to what's causing these reported "booming" noises and ground-shaking activity.

Three happened in the past 2 weeks, according to the Athens County Sheriff's Office.

As authorities continue to investigate, witnesses say they have no definitive answers, either as to what they say they heard and felt.

One Canaan Township woman says she was walking her dog Tuesday morning on Terrell Road off Route 50 when she heard a repetitive booming noise that went on for about 45 minutes.

Another witness in Guysville says she was pretty afraid as she watched a picture fall off her kitchen wall Saturday.

"I knew it wasn't right. It isn't normal," says Andrea Reik, of Canaan Township. "It did make you wonder if something more serious would happen."

"Everything was shaking and the picture fell off of the wall and all at once we heard a very, very loud boom, like an explosion, like something had blew up," says Ruthanna Albright, Manager of the Marathon Gas Station in Guysville.

Both witnesses are quick to remember that 3.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Athens last month.

They say they think all of these reports may be more cases of seismic activity, but authorities say there's no proof of that, so again, everyone's being left without answers.

Multiple people from all over the Valley commented on our WTAP Television Facebook page, indicating they've had similar experiences recently.

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