Nabbed At The Scene Of The Crime

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Parkersburg Police say two men were arrested after being caught in the act of breaking the law.

The first call officers responded to came in around 11:50 Thursday night at the Water Meter and Maintenance Building. As officers were checking the exterior of the building, 911 center officials notified police that alarms were being tripped on the inside.

Police saw a man leaving the building which led to a foot chase. Authorities eventually tackled Jody Bartram and arrested him for one felony count of breaking and entering. He was arraigned Friday morning and posted a $10,000 bond. If convicted, Bratram could face up to 10 years in prison.

On the way back to the police station, Sergeant Hart saw a possible bar fight in progress at 7th and Lynn streets. Officials say Sgt. Hart advised the suspect, Michael Barker, to calm down many times but Barker continued to make threats and scream profanities.

When Sgt. Hart tried to arrest Barker, he resisted and ran. Sgt.Heart caught up and was trying to arrest Barker for a second time when Barker punched him in the face and ran once again.

It took a taser to finally take Barker down. He was arraigned Friday morning on charges of disorderly conduct, fleeing from an officer, battery of a police officer, and public intoxication. He posted bond and was released.

Sgt. Greg Collins with the Parkersburg Police Department says all officers are trained to protect themselves as well as the suspects they arrest.

"When we have to engage in hand to hand combat, a lot of injuries come from that," Collins explains. "It's something that we don't want to do, but we don't pay our officers to get killed, and they have to take care of business if they are pushed that far."

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