National Diabetes Prevention Program Comes to WV

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Health officials declare war on diabetes in West Virginia...after it's revealed that the state has the highest number of cases in the nation.

Dick Wittberg, executive director of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health department says West Virginia, among other things, has America's most staggering incidence of diabetes.

So the WV Department of Health and Human Resources joined the Centers for Disease Control to bring the National Diabetes Program to the Mountain State.

"There is a program called New Lifestyle Balance, which has been shown to reduce your risk for diabetes by 58 percent if you successfully complete it, which is very big news," Wittberg says.

The program identifies people at risk for diabetes, not people who have diabetes, just those at high risk.

They'll work with them for six or eight months to reduce their chance of getting the disease.

Wittberg says Wood County's numbers are better than the state average but still much higher than the rest of the country.

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