National Infant Immunization Week

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It's the 20th anniversary of a national week that focuses on the importance of infant immunizations and raising awareness of how vaccinations can prevent outbreaks in West Virginia.

Dr. Stevan Milhoan is a practicing pediatrician and internist in town for 23 years and says National Infant Immunization Week is a time to remind parents that getting your child vaccinated is not just not important but it saves lives.

With the recent outbreak of mumps, he says he cannot stress this enough.

“Every time you compare the risks to the benefits that we see everyday in terms of the far greater number of kids that we admit to the hospital, the far fewer children that come in with grave, serious infections and end up in pediatric intensive care beds, there's certainly no comparison,” Milhoan says.

Every year the recommendations change, but the doctor's advice doesn't – get your child vaccinated and it's not something you will regret.

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