National Nurses Week

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UPDATE: 5-8-14 6:42 PM

They transform healthcare through leadership.

On the front lines saving lives everyday, so it's only fitting to say thank you to these vital caregivers during National Nurses Week.

"Nurses are the very vital part of our daily ICU care,” says Camden Clark Medical Center Pulmonologist Dr. Abiy Kelil.

They take good care of Junior Placer.

"Good humored nurses, kind, polite -- the works, couldn't be treated any better,” Placer says.

Nurses are the backbone of the care Camden Clark provides to its patients.

"They are the ones that assess the patients, recognize changes in patient's condition, they communicate with the physicians, they communicate with the families,” says Specialty Care Director Teresa Adams.

The sick and injured can count on them when they need it most.

"Sharing their pain and suffering, listening to the patient's history and everything, so we depend on the nurses,” Kelil says.

Hospital visits go much more smoothly with nurses on the scene.

"One hundred percent,” Placer says. “I never expected anything like this. Nice room, nice people, nice nurses, everything's nice. What a pleasure."

Compassion, caring and kindness are the number one traits that make a good nurse.

"And that's what I see when I see recognition of our nurses from other staff members or from patients or their families; those are the things that they typically mention,” Adams says.

From critical care nurses to obstetrical nurses to emergency room and operating room nurses, recovery room nurses and many more, they wage a war against suffering and we owe them so much.


They're caring, comforting and compassionate.

The first line of defense in the prevention of illness and injury.

We celebrate National Nurses Week.

Teresa Adams, Camden Clark Medical Center specialty care director says nurses are the ones that assess the patients, prevent complications, communicate with physicians and advocate on behalf of families.

They are the most important link in the care of the patient.

"It's nice if you can hire someone that's got a clinical skill set but that really isn't the most important thing," she says. "We can teach them those types of skills, but what we're looking for are putting the right people in those positions and those are people that have good personalities."

Adams says they do use advanced practice nurses in the hospital, but most on the floor are registered nurses and with the patients 24-7, making a real difference.

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