National Police Week Memorial

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A time to honor those who protect and serve.

"All through the United States there is a national police week where there is observances all through the country. And there is a special observance that is held in Washington DC during this time of the year as well," said Police Chaplin Brian Harrell.

Every year, Police Chaplin Brian Harrell says the prayer for fallen officers and their families.

Officers were remembered in Parkersburg with a wreath memorial as a part of National Police Week.

President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Chris Morehead directed the ceremony.

"It's part of life, law enforcement is a high risk profession. The people that choose this career are unique, and are very selfless to take such a position for little pay, long hours, but trying to do the right thing," said Chris Morehead, President, FOP.

To honor the officers killed in the past 12 months these two wreaths were placed on the grass.

Chief Shawn Graham comments on the deaths of officers within the past 12 months in West Virginia, still keeping the concern close to home.

"Every time we here one of these things happen, its terrible. We hate to hear it, but ya know, those are pretty close to home for us. Fellow West Virginia officer is just like any other officer in this country. We have been fortunate to this point and I pray that it stays that way, but you never know what today or tomorrow might bring," said Chief Graham.

An award and retiree luncheon for officers was held shortly after the ceremony.

According to police, in the past year, nationwide, one hundred and twenty officers lost their lives in the line of duty.

In Parkersburg, this is Danielle Staub reporting.

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