National Preparedness Month

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With each new month there tends to be a different focus for raising awareness, and for the month of September it's National Preparedness Month.

The American Red Cross is working to remind people how to be prepared for any type of natural disaster.

That includes tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

A disaster can happen at any second and most people aren't prepared, so when the disaster does hit there's no plan to put into action.

Especially for the natural disasters that are common here in the Mid- Ohio Valley.

"For this area it would be flooding and winter storms are the two biggest ones. Recently wind storms have started to pop up in peoples' minds. Basically just be prepared when the electricity goes off," says Todd Wines, with the Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross recommends having preparedness kits that include food, water, cash and battery powered cell phone chargers.

They also suggest having a disaster plan and practicing it with your family.

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