National School Attendance Awareness Month

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For the first time September was National School Attendance Awareness Month.

Monday over 130 Vienna Elementary School students were presented with awards for their perfect attendance this quarter.

They were the best attending school in the county this year and last.

Chris Rutherford, Director of Attendance and Home Services, says attendance is the first step in having a positive school experience.

He says this success in Vienna is attributed to the kids and the families caring about attendance as well as the school faculty working together to make school exciting and fun.

"Attendance is a habit of going to school and we are promoting good habits for students," Rutherford says. "When kids go to school more often they typically have better grades, enjoy school more, and more involved with the school activities and the school extracurricular activities."

Rutherford says he wants to spread this throughout the county to hopefully get all schools invovled.

Neil Elementary also participated and was given their awards earlier this month.

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