UPDATED: Man Arrested In Drowning Death Of Beverly Toddler

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UPDATE: 3/22/2013

A man is behind bars after leaving a Beverly toddler unattended in a bath tub. Autopsy results show the toddler died from drowning.

Tuesday night, Joshua Sciance was giving two year old Connar Hilton a bath.

Police say he filled up the bath, put the boy in it, and left the room.

He told police he was only gone for about twenty minutes as he made a pizza. When he came back, Connar was in the bath and unresponsive.

Autopsy results show he died of drowning, but police don't believe Sciance meant to intentionally hurt the toddler.

"He didn't do anything purposely to cause the death. He was just negligent. He didn't fulfill his duties watching over the kids. The mother was at work. He was the adult there to watch them and just didn't do a good enough job watching the children," says Washington County Sheriff Detective, Mark Johnson.

Sciance is charged with felony child endangerment. Police say he is not related to Connar. They say he was watching the toddler and another child while their mother was at work.


UPDATE: 03/19/2013

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says a Beverly toddler is dead after a household member left the boy unattended in a bath tub.

Original Story

A Beverly toddler is on life support after police say a household member left the boy unattended in a bath tub.

It happened Monday in Beverly.

Police say the two year old boy was found unresponsive in the bathtub. A household member tells police the toddler was getting a bath, and left him unattended briefly to make a snack.

Police say the boy was taken to Marietta Memorial Hospital and transferred to a Columbus hospital. Police say the boy is on life support but is showing signs of improvement.

No further details are being released at this time and the case remains under investigation.

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