State Route 821 Neighbors Upset with Truck Noise

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Unhappy neighbors on State Route 821 say trucks are waking them up at night.

Bud Miller brought his concerns to the Washington County Commissioners today.

Miller told them he wants a sign put up on on the hill, so they can't use their jake brakes, which make a loud noise.

The decision moves to the Muskingum Township Trustees and the County Engineer.

"It's pretty bad now, the oil and gas drilling it's, I think that's what's gotten worse in the last year or so cause it seems like I notice it more," said Bud Miller, Concern Citizen.

The Washington County Engineer says they have to survey the area to see if that would be safe for trucks, they don't want to put a truck driver's life in danger.

The township trustees were made aware of the issue and plan on discussing it at their up coming meeting.

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