UPDATE: New Area Code Coming for Southeast Ohio

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UPDATE 9/9/2014 11:40 AM

740 divided by two.

A new area code for southeast Ohio.

The new 220 code covers thirty counties.

740 is expected to run out in April.

In about six months, if you're dialing an Ohio number, you'll have to use all ten digits.

The same problem is expected for the 614 number soon.

A new area code is planned for central Ohio too.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A new area code for parts of southeastern Ohio.

There aren't enough numbers in the current 740 area code to accommodate the demand, so state utility regulators say they're preparing to introduce a new code by early 2015.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is now asking people for input on how the new code is added. The actual code hasn't been released yet.

The state is looking at two options: letting those with the 740 code keep their numbers and assigning the new code to new customers, or just splitting the area in half.

The public will have until Nov. 27 to comment.

The 740 area code now is used in most of southeastern Ohio and some areas around Columbus.

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