New Bill Puts Restrictions On Dog Breeders

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Getting tougher on dog breeders. The Humane Society of Parkersburg is hoping West Virginia lawmakers will help protect our four legged friends.

"The kennels were dirty, the food was not changed and sanitized," says HSOP Manager, Maryann Hollis.

Over 270 dogs caged in inhumane conditions. It happened four years ago at a dog breeding kennel, but a new bill may make sure it doesn't happen again.

Right now, breeding operations have the same basic laws as normal pet owners. If passed, breeders would have tougher more specific laws to follow in the mountain state.

"This bill puts it on a larger scale for breeding operations and for those that are set up specifically to do breeding, which is a little different than your normal pet owner," Hollis says. "This just sets into place more stringent regulations."

Like restricting the number of dogs to be bred, staying up to date with shots, and providing sanitary conditions.

"You want to make sure that when breeders are breeding, they're breeding for the betterment of the breed and that they'll take responsibility for what they're doing. Things that we think are common sense like fresh food and water, sanitizing the bowls and what not, sometimes in a larger operation that's not done or there's not enough time to do it."

The law would protect both dogs and owners.

"We've heard plenty of horror stories about people buying a puppy and it breaking out with Parvovirus which is deadly. The sick puppy they are attached to, they've now spent thousands of dollars trying to treat and it's passed away. You just played on the emotions of your customer and you never want to do that."

The bill is currently in the Committee on the Judiciary and could be sent to the Senate on Wednesday. To view a copy of the bill, click on the hot button.

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