New Car Seat Law

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With four out of every five car seats used incorrectly, a new rule takes effect for the manufacturers to make their safety labels more clear for parents.

Come February all across the country labels on all car seats will be required to alert parents about the weight limits when installing with the built in latch anchors.

If the combined weight of the child and car seat is more than 65 pounds, parents should use the safety belt to install the car seat.

This comes after testing showed the strength of the anchors cannot be guaranteed.

"The good news is you can still use that car seat you just have to install it using a seat belt rather than the lower anchors in the car seat," says Jonni Tucker, R.N. at the Marietta Health Department. "When installing the car seat you don't want to use both the lower anchor and the seat belt. You use one or the other."

Tucker hopes this doesn't discourage parents from keeping their children in car seats longer.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children use car seats until eight years old.

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