New Electrical Wiring in East Muskingum Park

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No more big generators. Bringing electricity to the Sweet Corn Festival this weekend, just got a little easier.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, IBEW, volunteered their time today to lay electric wire in East Muskingum Park.

The electricity comes just in time for the Sweet Corn Festival this weekend.

Chairman Mark Doebrich says they have been working with city, sponsors and revenue made from the festivals to generate the funds needed for this project.

This weekend, the new source of electricity removes the need for noisy generators.

"I'm just excited that the ditch is dug and the wire is being laid and the pole is in place. We have been working for about two years with the city and it looks like it's gonna happen right before the start of the Sweet Corn Festival," said Mark Doebrich, Vice Chairman of the Sweet Corn Festival.

The Sweet Corn Festival is this weekend in East Muskingum Park starting Friday night.

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