New Equipment Helps When Moments Count

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Every second counts in an emergency and some new equipment is giving Marietta firefighters the edge when searching underwater.

"Here is our new full faces scuba mask," demonstrates Steve Hall of the Marietta Fire Department. "What we have with this now is wireless communications with our divers in the water. When you're in the water without one of these you're communicating with line pull signals. There are only so many things you can tell each other with line pull signals."

Four days after getting the new equipment the Marietta Dive team put it to work searching the water for a drowning victim. But is the signal strong enough to be submerged in water?

"I can hear with no problem. We can adjust volume and squelch to where we need it to be for the comfort and satisfaction of each diver and we have absolutely no problem hearing each other," Hill says.

It's not just the emergency calls that the equipment is used for. Hill says the equipment is used to help other first responders, too.

"We'll help out local law enforcement if they're looking for something that was stolen and thrown in the river," Hill says. "We're down there and they can say 'no, no we think its upstream from where you are."