New Extrication Equipment For Marietta Firefighters

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Time for an upgrade.

The Marietta Fire Department has new extrication tools after twenty years.

Firefighters trained with the new Holmatro unit Monday that is 40 percent lighter.

Firefighter Travis Sandford says weight was a huge safety issue for the firefighters with their last unit.

They can also run two tools at once without affecting the power.

it is much more dependable and faster when on the scene of a crash.

"This new set has what they call the core hose, both hoses are ran in one, high pressure on one side and low pressure on the other. It's a ten thousand PSI system," says Sandford. "A couple of the local departments have had them for a little while and like them really well and I know a couple of other departments just bought a set at the same time we did."

Sandford says having the same sets will help this department work together and be more compatible.

He says it is really great that they can have this hands on practice.

Cars were donated from Gary's Towing.

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