New Four-Legged Cop For Wood County

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Updated: 5/15/2013 6:25 P.M.

Wood County officially has another four-legged crime fighter.
Its newest K-9 was "sworn-in" Wednesday.

It's a German Shepard from Europe, assigned to Deputy Zack Shaad.
She recently completed six weeks of training at Pine Grove Kennels.
And it won't be long before it begins duty with the road patrol and narcotics assistance team.

"We're really looking forward to getting Dara on the road," said Chief Deputy Shawn Graham. "Her first night of duty is tomorrow night, and it just worked out that on police week she was certified, and she's ready to hit the road tomorrow."

Dara is the second member of the sheriff's department K-9 force.
She was acquired by the department in February.


The Wood County Sheriff's Office is about to get a new K-9.

That will mean two dogs on the force.

The county already has a K-9 officer, assigned to Deputy Mike Deem.

But it believes a second one is needed, with the increased drug traffic here in the valley.

When it comes on the force, it will be assigned to overnight duty.

"A lot of times, officers will pull someone over, and feel the need or a K-9, and not have one available," Chief Deputy Shawn Graham explains. "This just improves our ability to have one available more often."

The new dog will be part of the department's narcotics enforcement team, which is in the process of being organized.

It will be assigned to deputy zach shaad once it goes through training.

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