New Manager For MOV Regional Airport

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UPDATE 10/21/2013 4:55 PM

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport will soon have a new man in charge.

Terry Moore is retiring and passing the baton.

Come the first of the year, Jeff McDougle will oversee the airport and he says it's one of the economic engines of the valley.

He wants to make sure it stays relevant here.

If new business or industry decides to relocate, they look at the air service to help bring in potential customers or senior management from other areas.

"Terry's gone from basically bare bones operations four or five years ago when economic times were tough here after 9/11 to the airport starting to see a little bit of the light of day," McDougle says, adding that he doesn't plan to make any major changes.

The number of passengers has increased dramatically over the past three years and hopefully with the economy on the upswing, it will continue.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport has a new manager.

Jeffrey McDougle will officially take over full-time on January first, after a transition period with current airport manager Terry Moore.

McDougle is a Parkersburg native who has served in recent years on the airport board, after spending much of his career in the aviation industry for several major airlines.

Moore announced last year he was retiring from the post. He has been manager since 2006.

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