UPDATE: Marietta Armory Parking Enforcement Begins May 1

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UPDATE 4/15/2014 2:10 PM

New parking rules start May 1 at the Marietta Armory lot.

The city says spots can be rented for $25 a month.

Two hour parking is free.

Again, enforcement of these rules starts May 1st.

Anyone wanting to rent a spot can go to the mayor's office on Putnam Street or call 740-373-1387.

The new parking rules were put in place in January but they were temporarily suspended after causing confusion among drivers.

UPDATE 1/16/2014 4:35 PM

Marietta made some changes to their parking regulations Thursday.

This comes after upset businesses and confusion Wednesday.

The city said in a press release Thursday that due to the misunderstanding the administration is suspending the parking enforcement for the Armory lot.

Because they haven't painted the lot yet they will not be ticketing for over two hour parking.

This suspension will be lifted as soon as the weather gets warmer and they can paint the lines.

When painted, the white lines will be two hours and the yellow lines will be reserved spots for $25 a month.

Business owner Teri Ann Pfeffer talked with us about employee parking vs. customer parking.

"We need to be extremely friendly, customer friendly and address their parking needs, different than employee parking needs," said Pfeffer.

With the new regulations, the city suggested business owners pay for their employee parking passes.

Pfeffer say she already does that. She pays for her employees to have a reserved parking space already and if her customer got a ticket because they were in her store too long, she said she would pay it.

Right now the Armory lot is not two hour parking.

The city will be enforcing current parking times at Parking Partners, 2nd and Butler and East Muskingum lot.

UPDATE 1/16/2014 12:20 PM

The Marietta mayor's office says for now, no one will be ticketed for parking in the Armory parking lot for more than two hours.

In a release sent Thursday morning, the mayor's office says there was misunderstanding over legislation passed relating to downtown parking.

Due to the unavailability of rentable spots at the Armory lot, the administration will not enforce two hour parking violators for the time being.

The mayor's office says merchants and customers need to be aware that currently posted signage states that white striped parking is two hours, and yellow striped parking is a monthly parking spot in all city owned lots.

The rules will be enforced in the Armory lot as soon as weather allows city crews to stripe and number 28 spaces for renting

The Marietta Police Department will enforce current parking times at Parking Partners, 2nd and Butler, and the East Muskingum Lot as well as street parking for the downtown areas.

Contact the administration at (740) 373-1387 for questions.

Absolute chaos in Marietta.

The signs go up and business owners are told to move their car every two hours throughout the day.

Marietta's downtown has changed their parking regulations and claim they gave everyone enough warning.

Marietta City officials say they put up the parking signs last Thursday in the Armory lot, giving 72 hours notice.

Wednesday police were told to start ticketing if people were in spots over the time limit of two hours.

The problem is that they haven't finished designating and painting the yellow lines on spots that are supposed to be reserved.

The mayor's office says city council spent all summer and fall trying to find a solution for parking lot maintenance.

All the other lots downtown have been painted but this one.

One woman that works at a business across the street from the parking lot who asked not to be named got a ticket Wednesday.

The mayor's office says they gave her options and she said no because they were too far away.

She says police told her to just move her car every two hours.

"Then they said there's a sign over there. We didn't see the sign, the do not enter sign is bigger than the other sign," she says. "When I called the mayor's office they said it was the city council I had to talk to. But I think it's gonna hurt the business downtown because people don't have any place to park."

The city says they put up the sign in the parking lot even though they hadn't painted it yet because people flooded the lot trying to avoid the others.

They cannot paint the lot until the weather gets warmer and dry.

People were told Wednesday to contact Marietta City Council.

Business owners say customers need to park for more than two hours, whether they are shopping, getting their hair done, or if it's an employee that works only one day a week.

With these new regulations it means either that person needs to pay $25 a month for a pass or move their car every two hours.

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