New Marietta Police Officers

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Keeping the city safe, Marietta welcomes three new police officers.

Captain Jeff Waite says the police department's staff was getting thin because of retirements and officers leaving.

Marietta Mayor Joe Mathews swore in Jeremy Pinkerton this morning.

He's one of three new officers sworn in within the last two weeks, as well as new officer, Rodney Dennison.

Coming over from Parkersburg, both men say Marietta is a great place to be with many opportunities.

"I'm excited to be here, they have a great police department, the area is great for a family, just the overall atmosphere, I'm excited to start here," said Jeremy Pinkerton, new Marietta Police officer.

"Great atmosphere, nice people, great department to work with, they have their stuff together, it's a very nice place to work," said Rodney Dennison, new Marietta Police officer

"I'm very excited we are getting some young guys that are very intelligent and enthusiastic and that's what we need is some go-getters," said Captain Jeff Waite of the Marietta Police Department.

Also sworn in last Monday, new officer Errol Kramer.

Two of the officers will be attending the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy in Columbus for 18 weeks of training.

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