UPDATE: Jackson County School Officials Wait to Hear From School Building Authority

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UPDATE 3/25/2014 10:05 AM

Jackson County school officials want to build a new middle school, but it looks like they're stuck playing the waiting game.

School officials say they are still waiting to hear from the school building authority.

The district is asking them for $17 million toward building a new middle school.

County officials say they'll provide another $750,000.

The new facility would be built next to Ravenswood Grade School.

"Whether we are able to advance this is totally dependent on whether the school building authority has funds available and if we are not funded this year then we intend to be back at the table again next year making the same presentation because it's definitely a need in our county," says Assistant Superintendent Keith Burdette.

He expects some decisions to be made next month.

The current middle school opened in the 1950's.

Officials say it wasn't built to serve students as long as it has.

A new school for Jackson County Middle School students.

The superintendent is expected to release more details next Monday.

But the district is asking the school building authority for nearly $17 million for the project.

And county officials say they'll provide $750,000.

Officials say the current school was built in 1950 and was only supposed to be a temporary facility.

The new school is expected to be built in Ravenswood.

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