UPDATE: First Day of School For Veritas Classical Academy

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UPDATE 8/20/2014 5:05 PM

A new type of education for students in Marietta, kindergarten through sixth grade.

Veritas Classical Academy holds its first day of school.

Founders say it's an older way of learning and getting back to the basics.

This is a classical education for the students, a way of teaching and building the foundation for western history.

About 40 students attended the first day matriculation ceremony Wednesday morning.

"We do wish the best for all of the students in Washington County and surrounding areas. We want all of the schools to rise and do their very best So that our community can provide education and a lot of options to people who may be moving in the area or deciding whether or not they are going to stay. We want our community to be healthy and well educated," says Austin Rehl, a founding member of the school.

Rehl says they're very excited about the new facility and are hoping to grow every year by adding two more grades until they have a full high school.

He says it's just another option for families in the community.

A new, private, classic learning school arrives in Marietta this fall.

Friday the meeting room at the Washington County Public Library was packed, with many waiting to hear and learn about Veritas Classical Academy.

Founders say this is just another education option for parents and children here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"They will have the same teacher for two years. This helps the child be able to build a relationship with the instructor, also helps with more oversight, parents being involved, and keeps the class size. And the ability of the students more adapted to what they are capable of and what their interests are," says Austin Rehl, a founding member of the academy.

The school runs from pre-k through sixth grade.

Registration starts in March.

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