New Radios For Washington County Engineers

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Bringing up to date technology to Washington County. Thursday, county officials met with the commission to discuss getting new radios.

County Engineer, Roger Wright, says Ohio radio frequencies are expanding. The county engineering department is asking for new radios to communicate at greater distances.

Wright says after four to five years, the current radios they use now will no longer work.

"What we're looking to do is gain access to the statewide system. The multi-agency radio communication. They spent a lot of money on statewide towers and our new radio system would guarantee at least 95 percent coverage in the county."

It's something that could benefit Washington County during an emergency.

"We would not only increase our efficiency in being covered, we would also have the ability to talk statewide. If there would be an emergency of any sort, we would have the ability to communicate directly with someone in Columbus, right from Washington County using our radio system."

The department is looking to gain 40 new radios costing 100 thousand dollars total.

There's also a yearly maintenance for the radios, costing around ten thousand dollars.

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