New Radios for Meigs County Sheriff's Office

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Sheriff deputies in Meigs County got an early Christmas gift Thursday afternoon.

John Born of the Ohio Department of Public Safety presented Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood with portable and mobile radios, including 71 multi-agency radio communication systems (MARCS), 30 portable and Motorola remote radios and six dash mount radios, all coming to a total of almost a quarter million dollars.

They were purchased by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

"It moves us in a direction that this is high tech where we need to be at over this type of stuff because it falls back to communications and that's what's important for us to be able to communicate with our officers and be going calls, we can be get back with portables a lot better, says Sheriff Wood.

The radios work on the same platform as a cell phone.

Statewide towers, hands on controllers and data links help the deputies keep in contact with one another.

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