New Radios for Wash. Co. Deputies

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A new multi-agency radio system for Washington County Deputies.

"It's awful to be somewhere to talk back to someone and you're standing their talking and no one can hear you," explains the Washington County Sheriff's Office's Lt. Randy Stackpole.

It's their lifeline, the radio, and now it's time for an upgrade. This is the first update in nearly ten years.

"The reception is ten times better than what we use to have, so as an officer safety type thing, it's a lot better for the guys."

A lot better because the old system was no longer able to provide service in vital parts of the county.

"They went to the narrow banding of frequencies wiped out a good percentage of the coverage we had so it wasn't safe."

With the old radio system deputies sometimes found themselves unable to communicate with one another from just feet away and even worse at times unable to get through to dispatchers
All too often this puts everyone involved in danger.

"That became an officer safety thing. You know if you're surrounding a residents or a building and think maybe you have someone in there and you can't talk to your guy on the other side of the building, it's extremely dangerous. Now with this new system we aren't having those problems."

The MARCS radios are now being installed into all Sheriff's Deputy's vehicles. This new system is digital so now Deputies will be able to talk to one another anywhere in the state as well as any other agencies who have the digital system.

"If the highway patrol for instance would get in a pursuit, we're able to switch over to monitor them and if we have guys doing follow ups in Columbus or Cleveland they'll be able to talk back to our office just like if they were in our county."

Another new addition to the Sheriff's Office five new cruisers that are already out on the road. This comes after many cruisers had too high of mileage.

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