New Teachers at Marietta High School

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As Marietta High School gets ready for the first day of school, there will be a couple of new faces in the building.

"I was very excited to see the opening in Marietta, because I've been working with the coaching program since 2009-2010 and I really believe in the program and the work it does to help kids," said new teacher, Aaron Schmidlin.

Aaron Schmidlin is a mathematics coach, which means he teams up with teachers to help kids individually.

"I think my primary goal is really, finding out what people need. What they need help with, and figuring out how I can best support them in their activities and their growth and their development," said Schmidlin.

Craig Campbell is going to be a ninth grade Social Studies and English teacher. He says, he loves his career.

"The passion and to know you are influencing people's lives," said Campbell.

Campbell says, being a role model for his students is most important.

"Preparing students to face the future of tomorrow, being responsible citizens, to have a task and take it with a lot of gusto," said Campbell.

Both teachers have more than 10 years experience on the job, so teaching isn't new to them, but they say, they are excited about Marietta as a high school, a community and they can't wait to get started.

"I think it's a wonderful community, I think the people are so warm and inviting, and i just really enjoy being here, it is a wonderful change, and I'm very excited to start the year," said Schmidlin.

"What a warm and cordial invitation I've had so far, everybody has been very very kind," said Campbell.

They even already have some tiger spirit.

"And I just want to add, go tigers!" said Schmidlin.

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