New Testing For Ohio HS Students

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State's college graduations rate is at 26-percent, which is lower than the national average.
The Ohio Graduation Test is now being replaced with a colleges and career readiness test

"In an attempt to increase the rigor and to really come up with some assessments that which will tell us whether kids are truly college or career ready at the end of high school," explains Belpre City School Superintendent, Tony Dunn.

The currently used, OGT, is old news and now Ohio will soon be implementing a nationally standardized test, plus ten end-of-course exams.

"So I think it will help all teachers in those courses focus on what they're suppose to be teaching and hopefully we'll prepare students for either going to college or going to work," continues Dunn. It's meant to clearly show if a student is ready for college or a career right after high school.

Ohio leaders have shown concerns about the number of High School students who receive a diploma and yet are still academically not ready for college.

It's an attempt to help students and parents make better decisions or adjustments for the student's future plans. "The assessment that is going out for bids now will be given in the tenth grade, it's intent is to give kids and parents a chance to look at those results and plan appropriately for the final two years of high school in regards to college readiness."

Superintendent Dunn describes this type of standard as "single snap shot testing." "I'm not sure we're measuring exactly what we should be measuring in schools but until the legislature decides there's a better way to do that, it's the system we are responsible to."

The Ohio Board of Regents and The Ohio Department of Education are currently looking at bids for the nationally standardized testing.

The ODE expects these new tests to come into play the school year of 2014-2015, but it could be as soon as next year.

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