New Wetlands Park To Open In Parkersburg

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One hundred acres of wildlife in the city of Parkersburg. One group is working to preserve the park for people to enjoy.

Trails are being created and an access bridge is going up.

"The land was donated to the city 42 years ago, and it's been gaped to the public by an 80 foot span over Worthington Creek. We finally got the funds and engineering done for the bridge and we started working on a trail plan and engineering trails since 2010 and have been working on them ever since," says City Council member Kim Coram.

The Johnson T. Janes Park is ten times the size of Parkersburg City Park.

"It's a passive recreation park, meaning it's not paved like City Park, it's a wooded area for wildlife viewing and trail use."

Once done, a hiking and biking trail will span throughout the park.

It's a park unlike any other in the area, and is set to be the largest wetlands within a municipality in the nation.

"We have an extensive signage system that is national park quality standard that will go up throughout the park so people will have trail system guides."

The park is set to open in the summer and Coram says they've already received tons of positive feedback. "When we open this park, it should be an exemplary park for trail use management, shared use, volunteer labor and what that can do for a community."

For safety reasons, they're asking people to not try to enter the park until the completion date. For more information, click on the hot button.

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