New Year's Eve Safety on the Roads

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It's the most joyous time of year and the most dangerous. Don't be a statistic.

"We get a lot of people out celebrating -- bringing in the New Year," says Carlos Smith, Marietta Post commander of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "We just want those people to enjoy themselves but we also want them to be very safe on the roadways."

Smith encourages everyone who is going be out there to party responsibly by having a designated driver get them to and from their location safely or use a local taxi service.

Extra patrols will be ensuring motorists drive carefully and no one is put in harm's way.

"Every type of traffic violation you could be stopped for, whether it be speeding, weaving or driving erratically," Smith says. "We'll be looking for anything unusual that could catch the eye of the trooper."

New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate but also to be extra careful on the road, for yourself and others.

"They will be stopped and checked," the commander says, "not only for the traffic violation but to ensure that they are not drinking and driving."

The public should be aware of their surroundings too.

"If they do see something on the highway we encourage them to call #677 and report it to their nearest highway patrol post so we can get that unsafe vehicle off the roadway," Smith says.

It's important to be careful any hour of the day you're on the road, early or late... when it's New Year's Eve.

"We just ask that people use caution, care and common sense when they decide to get behind the wheel," Smith says.

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