New Bridge Will Help Motorists On Daily Commute

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Motorists who use specific areas of Route 14 for their daily commute to work will soon have a safer and easier time getting to and from the office.

West Virginia Division of Highways Engineer Rusty Roten says a new bridge is under construction that will replace the horseshoe loop into Mineral Wells.

The new 433 foot bridge will begin at the I-77 north ramps and take drivers east towards Mineral Wells and Elizabeth. Roten adds the new bridge will make morning and afternoon commutes safer and easier.

"In a dditional to the extra width and extra lanes, which translates into more efficient and safer travel, you're going to have a more direct route," Roten says. "You're not going to have the horseshoe loop. It's confusing to motorists and could be quite dangerous if motorists were nt watching the signage."

Roten says as of right now the construction of the bridge is on schedule and should open next summer. He adds the total cost of construction will be about $14 million.

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