New Polymer Alliance Zone Building

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Polymer Alliance Zone has answered to the requests for a new building and space.
The work has begun and the community will see all the benefits.

Meeting the demand.

"Over the past couple of years we've had many inquiries about buildings and a place to put businesses and there have not been very many at all to choose from.that would handle manufacturing of any type in the area, actually the three county area," says the President of Polymer Alliance Zone, Karen Facemyer.

The new building at Polymer Tech Park in Davisville will support light manufacturing and warehousing.

"It's a process speculation building it is 80,000 square feet, 20,000 feet is 30 foot high and the remainder is 20 foot high," explains Facemyer.

The goal catering to the needs of businesses and the community.

"I think that they say an average persons wages, if they're earned around here will be turned over ten times in the community, so if you look at that we'll benefit greatly," says Facemyer.

The new Polymer Alliance Zone building is due to be finished in late spring.

Facemyer says the process is already benefiting the local economy.
All local businesses and contractors have been used for the construction.

"So it's helping from that way. Once a business moves in and all that money is going right back into the community," explains Facemyer.

Supporting the economic development for both businesses and community.

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