New Proposal May Require Photo I.D. For Ohioans To Vote

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A new proposal to require Ohioans to have photo identification to vote is raising questions about how many people might not meet that requirement.

The proposal would require Ohioans to have identification that displays a picture of them to be eligible to vote. Supporters say the proposal would cut down on voter fraud.

Opponents to the proposal say requiring a photo identification would make it harder for minorities and those who cannot afford identification to vote.

Board of Elections Director, Peggy Byers, explains what Ohioans currently need to be able to cast their ballot.

"You can, of course, still use your drivers license which does have a photo ID on it. You can present the last four of your social security number or write down your drivers license number," Byers says. "But, there are several other choices when you go to the poll. You can present a bank statement or a utility bill. There are several other options that people will most likely have to present some form of ID."

Byers says the best way to voice your opinion about the new proposal (both for or against) is to get in tough with your congress person.