New Research Suggests More 8th Graders Experimented With Drugs In 2010

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New research from the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics say more middle school children were experimenting with illicit drugs in 2010 as opposed to previous years.

Officials with the Marietta Police Department say the most commonly abused drugs by school aged children are alcohol, marijuana and prescriptions due to how readily available they are.

Authorities add that DARE Program is successful in keeping kids off drugs but are meant to be a reinforcement of what parents are teaching kids at home.

"DARE is done in 5th grade but also in the 8th grade," says Patrolman Patrick Gragan of the Marietta Police Department. "So, the purpose of that is repetition. What we do in 5th grade we advance and expand that, including other drugs, and other results of the illegal use of drugs, and the effects of it in the 8th grade program."

Patrolman Gregan adds that statistics for how many kids decide not to participate in drug use because of their dare training is much harder to find, but he is confident that the program helps.

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