New Site For Parkersburg Armory

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UPDATED: 2/23/13
The Parkersburg National Guard Armory has been in the works for just over a year now.

Throughout the year public forums have been held with architects and officials to work on a lay out. The facility is expected to hold a maximum of 35-hundred people.

The basic drawing of the building is done but they expect it to take another 12 months to have the official drawings and plans done for the public building.

The public building is expected to cost around 9 million dollars, the group currently has one million. The entire building including national guard part will equal out to being around 40 million dollars.

If all goes as planned they hope to have the public building open the summer of 2014. They expect another four to five years for the rest of the building, the national guard part.

UPDATED: 2-9-12

The new Parkersburg Armory will soon sit on the WVU-Parkersburg campus.

All those involved say after years of planning-- it's a sigh of relief.
A new partnership leaves many benefiting.

"They would relocate out there to have the classroom space, it would be their readiness center and it would also have areas to work on their equipment and store their equipment, but it would primarily be their headquarters," says the President of WVU-P's Board of Governors, Joe Campbell.

Along with the National Guard-- the College would have extra space for classrooms and the community could enjoy events.

Mayor Bob Newell says while the new Armory will be an asset the old Armory on Blizzard Drive will also be just as beneficial.

"And what they will turn that into is a Reset Center or in other words they will contract with a private company to refurbish military equipment and that will create 50 very well paying jobs and maybe 100 in the future," explains Mayor Newell.

Campbell says by putting the new Armory in an open location the building will have room to grow.

"Talk about a facilities plan, to construct an arena if you will. I'm not talking about a huge arena something that could be used for club sports and student activities for graduations and other activities that are out there that need a little bigger room that we have it," says Campbell.

The Armory is expected to take at least five years for the initial planning.
All those involved say after years of planning-- it's time to get started.

"It would be a good fit out there at the college with the event center, there will be some meeting space and I think it would compliment the college and the college would compliment the armory," says Mayor Newell.

Mayor Bob Newell says there is already three million dollars set aside by former Congressman Alan Mollohan for the initial construction.
Mayor Newell says the next step is to continue with Federal Funding.

The Parkersburg National Guard Armory will soon sit on the campus of WVU-Parkersburg.

WVU-P's Board of Governors officially offered the site to the National Guard February 8th.

The WV National Guard officially accepted February 9.

The new armory will take nearly five years to get started but officials involved tell WTAP- News they are very excited for this new beginning and partnership.

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