New Substance Abuse Recovery Center Set to Open

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She's helping hundreds kick their addiction. And now the Courage to Change Program has a new home in Parkerburg.

It set up shop on Latrobe Street in Parkersburg. It's a faith based, holistic, 12-step recovery program.

Glenna Tucker has been doing this for nearly 40 years, and where she sees a need, she delivers. The Courage to Change Community Center is opening its doors this Tuesday, March 20th.

It offers recovery programs for a range of addictions and classes to help addicts on the road to a clean life. But it's not a typical healthcare approach.

This program also uses faith as a tool to recovery. Tucker says this is a safe place where no one will be judged.

It's all confidential and local professionals teach classes to help addicts in their recovery.

"So many people say, 'Well what if some people don't make it?' Well you know what? If one makes it and five don't then it's worth it. That's what it's all about. And so it just reinforces your belief in people and in God too. That this works. This will work and it just makes you feel good to see one person," says Founder and Director Glenna Tucker.

They have had many successes over the years and have a wall dedicated to those that overcame their addiction, but have since passed away.

Tucker says many people who go through the program come back to tell their story.

While they do function on donations, they've also partnered with many local businesses and professionals. Pamphlets and many other resources are donations from those corporate sponsors.

Tucker says anyone is invited to come to the opening program Tuesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. even if you don't need help through the program. It's open to anyone to learn more about the center and their mission.

The building is located at 1721 Latrobe Street. That's directly behind the Lynn Street Church of Christ Annex. Their number is 304-428-5145.

The Courage to Change program for the valley originated at the Belpre Church of Christ about six years ago. The Salvation Army also runs a Courage to Change program.

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