Newport Man Arrested For Making Threats To His Electric Company

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We're hearing from the sheriff's office after they arrest a man Saturday who they say became irate over the phone with his electric company.

Deputies say 30-year-old Jeremy Plessinger of Newport called his power provider Friday to complain about his electricity being turned off momentarily.

The company told investigators that Plessinger threatened to shoot them and cut down power poles with a chainsaw should his electric not return by Saturday.

Investigators say that's when electric employees became afraid, and called police.

"He called and actually talked to a female receptionist and was really loud and threatening and swearing. She took him very serious that he meant he was going to cut down the poles and that he might possibly come and shoot them," says Washington County Sheriff, Larry Mincks.

Plessinger was arrested at his home Saturday afternoon.

He's charged with one count of telephone harassment, and two counts of menacing.

He's in the Washington County Jail, awaiting his first appearance Monday.

Plessinger's Mother, Joan, tells WTAP News Jeremy never threatened to hurt anyone, but did threatened to cut down a nearby power pole.

She says the dispute dates back over several years regarding the placement of that pole.

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