Newport Man Hospitalized After Inhaling Whippets

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A Newport is in critical condition Friday after his wife says he inhaled a gas commonly found in aerosol cans.

The family of 41-year-old William Bartges says he bought nitrous oxide or whippets from the Pioneer Adult Book Store on Emerson Ave. Thursday.

He huffed the gas from the can, his wife then found him unresponsive just before 6 a.m. Friday at their home on Maple St.

Bartges was flown to a Columbus hospital where he's at tonight. Doctors say he can't hear and he suffered strokes in multiple areas of his brain.

Whippets are legal to purchase. The family wants the law to change.

"When are they going to shut that place down from these people getting this stuff before somebody dies? Marietta shut all theirs down. Why are they still open," asked Brenda Bartges, William's wife.

Brenda says her husband has bought whippets from Pioneer for years.

The book store declined our invitation for comment.

The Washington Co. Sheriff's Office is investigating.

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