No Left Onto Greene Street

The City of Marietta is considering a redesign of the Seventh and Greene Street intersection, but not all are pleased with the idea to ban a left turn.

At Thursday evening's Marietta City Council meeting eight individuals representing businesses and citizens alike, all spoke against the proposed ban on a left turn onto Greene Street.

Many of the speakers said it would adversely impact their business by closing off access.

One speaker had public safety concerns over flood routes when Pike Street floods again.

"To left on Greene Street is the only way out of Marietta when we have a flood, 'cause Pike street floods and you can't get through that but they can make a left," explains Marietta resident Louise Grimm. "Sometime water (is) a little bit there, you can make a left on Greene street and go out to Acme street and out to Reno or out to the interstate. And if they close that, then there's no way out, unless they go all the way over Hadley Lane or Colegate or something."

Despite the half an hour of public comment, the council could take no action on the issue, as it was not on the meeting agenda.

All eight comments were made during the opening public comment period.

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