UPDATE: Plans to End Saturday Mail Delivery Put On Hold

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UPDATE: 4/10/2013 3:28 PM

The Postal Service announced Wednesday that Congress has passed a spending bill prohibiting it from reducing delivery days without Congressional approval.

In February, the Postmaster General proposed cutting first class mail delivery on Saturday to save taxpayers about $2-billion per year.

A decline in mail along with rising health costs for postal retirees contributed to a record $15.9-billion loss last year.

Now that six day mail service is back on, the Post Office Board says it will look at price increases and reducing workforce costs to save money.

Facing major debt the US Postal Service cuts Saturday mail delivery.

"It would be irresponsible for the postal service not to pursue this course," explains Postmaster General Patrick Donahue.

This is a move that's been in discussion for years, USPS says a cut in it's service is a necessity for it's budget.

"Mail delivery will occur Monday through Friday and we will not deliver nor collect mail on Saturday."

They're hoping to save two billion dollars annually with this change.
And while your mailbox may not be full on Saturdays the postal service is trying to accommodate.
Packages will still be delivered six days a week and post office hours will not change.

"We will continue to deliver mail to Post Office Boxes which is very important for a number of businesses."

They're nearly 16 billion dollars in the hole. The years of snow balling debt is caused largely by the mandatory pre-funding of retiree health benefits and the Internet services increasing. Trying to use other options in recent years, the postal service cut nearly 28-percent of jobs and consolidated 200 mail processing centers but they say that hasn't been enough.

USPS records show Saturday as the week's lowest daily volume.

"Seventy percent of Americans have consistently said that they would supported a five day schedule for mail and delivery package mail and package delivery given the financial condition of the postal service."

This change will all start August first. USPS says that should give businesses five months to come up with a new plan without this mail delivery, while over 30-percent of businesses aren't open on Saturdays.

There was some push back from one West Virginia Congressman. Nick Rahall thinks the post office needs the permission of congress to do that and vows to keep it that way to help make sure people living in the country can still get their mail on Saturday.

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