No More In-Operable Vehicles On Belpre's Streets?

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Those of you in Belpre with abandoned cars might want to pay close attention.

The City Council is thinking about passing a new ordinance.

Council members had a discussion about the matter at their weekly meeting this evening.

Currently, residents are allowed to have one in-operable vehicle on their property.

But the city council doesn't want to see any of those cars on the streets.

It's considered a misdemeanor if people refuse to follow the ordinance.

"We are trying to work now hard with the Belpre in Bloom to try to address our city up, make it look more welcoming for people that are coming in, maybe local businesses be interested in coming in. But we can't have that if our streets are looking like junkyards," says Belpre City Council 2nd Ward, Deborah Marshall.

They'll vote on this ordinance soon.

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