Noble County Gas Processing Plant

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It's a multi million dollar company, bringing millions of dollars to Noble County.

The construction of the natural gas processing plant off Route 78 in Summerfield is in phase three. Officials say with three sights on this piece of land, sights one and two are scheduled to be done in September.

The 200 acres of land was bought by Mark West from Consolidating Coal, breaking ground back in November of 2012.

The construction plant is employing around 300 people locally, including pipeliners from around the county, which in turn also supports local businesses.

Noble County Commissioner's President, Virgil Thompson says the financial stability this project is bringing, is going to change Noble County for the better. He says the county had no idea what potential this natural gas will, and has already brought to the area.

"It's helped the restaurants and motels, and the titles here in the court house, for the oil producers who have been drilling wells, the sales tax has helped us here considerably, in our little county," said Virgil Thompson, Noble County Commissioner's President.

Currently in Summerfield, there is a very heavy flow of construction trucks, yesterday they had to shut down Route 78 for the moving of a 180 foot pipeline.

Officials say Route 78 will also be shut down for a while again this Sunday and a few more times throughout the summer, to transport materials to the sight.

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